First impressions are everything in generating vacation rentals, especially in a market where there are literally thousands of condos, houses, and cottages to choose from. Professional photography can help your listing stand out above the rest and, most importantly, boost your rental income.

The cost of professional photography can easily be recouped with just one or two bookings. Not only can a photo be worth a thousand words, it can also be worth thousands of dollars in rental income. Are you interested in increasing your bookings and earning more money? Book here now.

When a prospective vacationer views your listing, whether it be on VRBO, Airbnb, or an independent rental web site, they typically make a decision in the first 5-20 seconds to either explore more or move on to another property. An instant connection is crucial. Will your opening photos entice renters to click through or move on to another listing?


Quality professional photos increase the potential renter’s perceived value of the vacation property and indicate the owner cares about their property and a vacationer’s experience in the property. Dark, blurry, crooked, poor quality photos deteriorate the value of the listing and motivate the potential renter to quickly move on to another property.

When a listing owner invests in professional photography it tells the prospective renters the owner is committed to that property. Poor quality photos from a camera on a phone may suggest to the renter the property may be outdated and not well taken care of. Renters will pay more for a property with appealing professional photography as opposed to poor quality photos from a camera on a phone.

What can a professional photographer do that you can’t do by using the camera on your phone or a point and shoot camera? They have the right equipment and know-how to use it. They know how to make the ocean or other views stand out through the windows, while at the same time properly exposing the interior so it is not dark. This is very difficult to pull off with a camera phone. How many times have you seen an oceanfront rental condo living room photo where the windows are blown out and you can’t see the ocean, or you can see the ocean but the interior is so dark it’s hard to see the furniture?

Professional photographers know the best angles to represent the unit. They have wide angle lenses which typically allow double the space in a single image compared to what can be captured on a camera phone. They have post -production resources and talents to put appealing finishing touches on the images. And they can give you tips on how to prepare the unit for photos so that it is best represented in an uncluttered manner.

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