First impressions are everything. Online shopping and research is prevalent among potential home buyers, with more than 90% going online to search for a property. Investing in professional photography will help your listings stand out in a crowded market. If a home shopper isn’t sold on the property’s online presence, chances are they will not pursue further action.

It’s common for an agent to want to cut corners and take their own photos with their mobile phone or point and shoot cameras. Listing photos are a direct reflection on the agent and how much money and effort they are willing to put into a listing. Sellers prefer agents who utilize professional photography as it tells them the agent will value the selleras a client.

“Without a doubt, professional photography is the most critical element of your listing marketing strategy.86% of homebuyers state that listing photography is the #1 reason why they decide to view a home, yet only 35% of realtors use a professional photography solution,” says Michael Yates, Marketing Director at Virtuance.

According to experts like Michael, “Using professional photography is the #1 way to get your listing to stand out from the competition and puts you in the best position to get more showings, more offers, and ultimately a higher sale price.”

Pros Of Hiring A Professional Photographer:

  • Listings with high quality professional photography will sell 32% faster.• Redfin reports that homes shot with professional photos are more likely to sell than those with mobile phones or basic point and shoot cameras. Studies report an increase in price points from 5% up to 17%.
  • Professional photographers are skilled in choosing angles which best highlight rooms.
  • Professional photographersinvest in quality camera and lens equipment to capture your images. This typically includes cameras which are capable of producing amazing results, and lensesmuch wider than what a mobile phone is capable of without the distortion.
  • Professional photographers know how to use the advanced features on their cameras, whereas, many agents rarely have the knowledge to produce images outside of the standard auto mode, which drastically restricts gaining quality results.

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