Why Splash Studio Media?
Why Splash Studio Media?

For The Best Real Estate Photography In Myrtle Beach

Having lived in Myrtle Beach for the majority of my life, I’m passionate about the Myrtle Beach area and want to represent its real estate in the best light possible. I’ve been earning a living by developing and capturing real estate images in the Grand Strand area for 25 years. High-quality real estate photos help promote listings and rent properties quicker, and I use the most recent equipment to do so, whether it be for photos, video, 360/3D tours, or aerial photos.

Splash Studio Media Services
Splash Studio Media Services


A real estate agent’s listing photographs speak volumes about a property. They also let potential clients know the realtor’s level of dedication to get a property sold. Beach vacation rental properties such as VRBO units can also greatly benefit from professional real estate photos to increase bookings.

Splash Studio Media offers a wide variety of real estate digital media services to help you rise above the competition. Not only does Splash Studio Media offer high-quality, vibrant images, but also the creation and delivery of 360 tours, twilight photography, drone photography virtual staging, floor plans, day to dusk photography, and marketing websites/flyers.

Our photography services will capture all features of your real estate listings. Having worked in Myrtle Beach, SC for years, we know how to make your listing stand out.

360 Tours
Floor Plans
Twilight Photography
Virtual Staging
Websites and Flyers
Aerial Photography
Recent Photographs
Recent Photographs

Rave Reviews
Rave Reviews

Splash Studio Media’s number one goal is client satisfaction. Let’s collaborate to make your properties stand out.

Recent Articles
Recent Articles
What Next?
What Next?

Do you want your listing to overshadow the competitors?

Splash Studio Media knows the real estate photography business. We will provide you with the best real estate photos of your Myrtle Beach real estate. Professional photography will make your real estate listing outshine the competition, and you will get more leads.

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Your Myrtle Beach Real Estate Photographer

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More About Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is a coastal city on the East Coast of the United States in Horry County, South Carolina. It is in the center of a long and continuous 60-mile (97 km) stretch of beach known as “The Grand Strand” in northeastern South Carolina.

Ranked as the second fastest-growing metropolitan area in the country (per 2018 census estimates), Myrtle Beach is one of the major centers of tourism in South Carolina and the United States. The city’s warm, subtropical climate and extensive beaches attract an estimated 14 million visitors each year. As of the 2010 census, the population of the city was 27,109, and in 2019, the estimated population was 34,695. The Myrtle Beach metropolitan area had an estimated population in 2019 of 480,891.

Smartphone Vs. Professional Photography For Real Estate Listings

In today’s technology-driven world, everybody owning the latest smartphones taking photos has undoubtedly never been easier. Taking photos and videos on your smartphone will surely save you money; however, it can not match the high-quality images that a professional real estate photographer can provide. 

Real Estate Photography

When property buyers first decide to buy a new home, they start their search online. The first thing these buyers see is the images of the house. If the image looks terrible, they won’t even consider inquiring about that property. A real estate photographer who has been in the professional photography service understands the photos that will sell a home. Real estate photography professionals have the latest DSLR camera, tripods, wide-angle lenses, flashes, light stands, and remote triggers and know how to put together the correct elements for real estate photography. In addition, they can provide additional services such as twilight photography, aerial photography, virtual staging, and virtual tours.  

Smartphone Photography

Smartphone cameras get better every year at taking quality pictures. However, the smartphone remains unmatched in the quality that a DSLR camera can produce. A DSLR camera has only one function: to take quality photos, whereas a smartphone has many functions, with photography being among the features. The real estate market is very competitive. A high-quality photo, video, or 360 tours can turn a potential buyer to visit the property. 

Smartphone Photography Vs. Professional Photography For Real Estate

The bottom line: if you want the best photos for your real estate listing, hire a professional Real Estate photographer. They will guide you and collaborate with you to get the best quality photos of your property. Professional real estate photography is a must for any real estate agent or realtors who want to stand above their competition with top-notch images that a smartphone can not provide. Real estate photographers work with a team, and they can provide you with high-quality photos quickly. 


The Best Real Estate Photographer Myrtle Beach

Splash Studio Media is the best real estate photographer in Myrtle Beach. We offer professional photography services with an emphasis on quality and customer service. Our goal is to make you feel confident about how your property will look online so that you can sell it faster and for more money! Contact Us Now.


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