Why Splash Studio Media?
Why Splash Studio Media?

We provide the professional real estate photography services in Forestbrook and surrounding areas.

Having lived here most of my life, I’m passionate regarding the Myrtle Beach area and want to represent it in the very best light possible. I’ve been earning a living by developing and taking images in the Grand Strand area for 25 years. Professional pictures help market listings and rent properties much faster, and I use the latest equipment to do so, whether it be for photos, video, 360/3D tours, or aerials.

Splash Studio Media Services
Splash Studio Media Services

REASONS WHY PHOTOS TAKEN ON YOUR PHONE DON’T DO LISTINGS JUSTICE A real estate agent’s listing pictures speak volumes about a residential or commercial property. They also let potential clients know the realtor’s level of dedication to get a residential or commercial property sold. Beach vacation rental properties such as VRBO units can also significantly gain from professionally made images to increase bookings. Splash Studio Media provides a number of real estate digital media services to allow you outclass the competitors. Not only does Splash Studio Media provide high quality, vibrant images, but also the creation and delivery of 360 tours, twilight photography, virtual staging, floor plans, day to dusk photography, and marketing website/ flyers.

360 Tours
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Recent Photographs
Recent Photographs

Rave Reviews
Rave Reviews

Splash Studio Media’s primary goal is client satisfaction. Let’s collaborate to make your properties shine.

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Recent Articles
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What Next?

Do you really want your listing to overshadow the competition?

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More About Forestbrook

Forestbrook is a census-designated place (CDP) in Horry County, South Carolina, United States. The population was 4,612 at the 2010 census, up from 3,391 at the 2000 census.

Smartphone vs. Professional Photography for Real Estate Listings

In today’s technology-driven world, with everyone owning the latest smartphones taking photos has never been easier. Taking photos and videos on your smartphone will definitely save you money, but it can not match the top quality images that a professional real estate photographer can provide. Most people fail to understand that photography needs abilities, experience, and also the best equipment for the job. The latest iPhone can certainly take photos and videos but is still unequaled when comparing them to DSLRs.

Real Estate Photography

When property buyers first decide to invest in a brand-new home, they typically begin by performing a google search. Real estate agents normally have their websites listing various properties on sale by their clients. The first thing these buyers see is the pictures of the home. If the image looks bad, they won’t even think about asking about that property. Given that you only get one opportunity to make a first impression, see to it that your pictures have been professionally shot. A real estate photographer who has been in the professional photography business recognizes the photos that will offer a home. Real estate professionals own and know how to use the most recent and optimal equipment, such as a DSLR camera, tripods, wide-angle lenses, flashes, light stands, and remote triggers. These professionals have already had prior experience with the correct angles, lighting, and exposure. They also are well versed in appropriate editing with image enhancing software application such as Photoshop for post-processing. Real estate photographers know of real estate photos. Home sellers will only have a general idea about what an image should communicate to the buyers. A real estate photographer understands the real estate market and pictures that will make a difference. Real estate photos need to represent the property in the best light possible. How should you take a photo of a living room? Should you take a wide-angle photo? How about the light, focal point, angle, and space? There are dozens of choices one ought to consider for quality images. Digital photography itself is an art type. There are lots of components to consider to understand the best quality photo that only practical experience can teach. Smartphones, with their emerging technology, can take a photo however. Depending on the brand, the camera can be great for taking various types of shots. The question is should you count on your smartphone for real estate photography?

Smartphone Photographer

Smartphone cameras have certainly come a long way. Iphones improve every year at taking quality photos as the camera on these mobile phones are continuously updated. Smartphones do excel in mobility, as you can take them just about anywhere. Taking photos on a smartphone has similarly never been easy with software that automatically improves the best photos; you can likewise edit the photo on your smartphone itself. Do real estate photographers never work with a smartphone for real estate photography? The response will depend upon the photographer, however the smartphone remains unmatched in the quality that a DSLR camera can produce. A DSLR camera has only one function: to take quality photos, whereas a mobile phone has many functions, with photography being one of the features. There are lots of real estate agents, so competition is intense in the real estate market. A quality photo, video, or 360 trips can give them an edge, and if they want the best images, they must select a real estate photographer. Smartphone pictures do not possess all the benefits of a professionally shot photo, and it is better not to use them in your real estate listings.

Smartphone photography vs. Professional photography for Real Estate

The bottom line is if you desire the best photos for your property listing, pick a professional Real Estate photographer. They will guide you and collaborate with you to get the best quality photos for your rooms. Professional real estate photography is a must for any real estate agent or realtors who would like to stand above their competition with excellent images that an iPhone can not provide. Real estate photographer typically works with a team, and they can provide tips about arranging the content of your rooms and the various options you have. Photography requires a lot of pre-planning, abilities, experience, and the best equipment. Real estate photos need to fulfill a professional standard that smartphone cameras do not deliver. Various types of lenses, flashes, tripods, and cameras will give photographers many options for numerous shots that are not readily available for smartphones. Property buyers are drawn in to the best photos, so ensure that your listings only consist of the best real estate photography.

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